Ultimate Pokémon Go!

Gym Battles and Pokecoins

With the huge Gym update, there are changes to the way that PokéCoins are earned and distributed. The old limits are basically there. You earn one PokéCoin per hour for each Pokémon that is defending a gym. It must be a full hour of defense for the coin to be registered. Under the older, simpler formula where your received 10 PokéCoins per gym defender, the new formula is much more complex.

PokéCoins (defender) = HOURS(defender.TimeDefending)
TotalPokéCoins = foreach returned defender
   if PokéCoinsGainedToday < 100 and PokéCoinsGainedThisWeek < 700
     SUM(TotalPokéCoins, PokéCoins(defender))
     SUM(TotalPokéCoins, 0)

The biggest takeaway is that there is a daily and weekly limit on the amount of PokéCoins you can earn. The article suggests that the best way to receive PokéCoins is to control five gyms that are not attacked often.


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Gen 2 Pokemon Have Arrived

We have been hearing rumors for quite awhile about the upcoming Gen 2 updates, and we have waited. And waited. Almost patiently! But now they have arrived and they look fantastic. Pokémon Gold and Silver was set in the Johto region, and contained 80 different Pokémon. The list of the Gen 2 Pokémon in the master Pokedex begins with No. 152, Chikorita, and ends with No. 251, Celebi.

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Gen 2 Pokémon Found

Combing through source code to reveal new secrets is a time honored tradition with every update of Pokémon Go. The Silph Road has done just that and found a list of every Generation 2 Pokémon in the source code that will hopefully arrive soon, including Legendaries and Mythical Pokémon.

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New Pokémon Coming, Save Your Candies

It’s been rumored for a while, but in case you missed it there are new Pokémon coming in the Gen 2 release of Pokémon Go. Those of you who have been using every candy you get your hands on might want to consider a different strategy.

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Anatomy of a Pokémon

What’s really inside of a Pokémon? We have all pondered that question. Well, maybe not all. But even if you haven’t you can find out through the amazingly detailed illustrations of Christopher Stoll. Each poster shows not only what the their inside looks like, but gives a short introduction to it’s behavior and biological functions. For example, Pikachu live around 20 years and become sexually mature at just two years old. Who knew?

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Pidgeys Worth 400 Plus XP

This was something I wanted to do quickly just so I had a number to go by. How much is a Pidgey (Caterpie and Weedle) actually worth in terms of XP? A quick calculation in my head produced at least 350, but I knew it was more and wanted to figure it out. It will not be exact as I am not looking for that. Just a pretty good estimate to get me enthusiastic about catching them when they keep breaking free.

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  • Smart Way to Level Up in Pokemon Go. Red Rocket Taking Off.

Smart Way to Level Up

There are tried and true ways to level up quickly in Pokémon Go, and if you follow them closely you will get to your next level faster. The basic idea is to capture as many low-level Pokémon as possible, and use a Lucky Egg to evolve them in succession for the entire 30 minute period to maximize the amount of XP you receive. Now let’s break that down.

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  • Travel Company Offering Pokémon Go Tours

Travel Company Offering Pokémon Go Tours

You already know that certain Pokémon are only available in certain areas, so why not travel to catch some new ones. But where do you go, and how do you know where to look once you get there? Viator has you covered.

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  • Pokémon Go Hacks for Lazy People - Man Laying in Grass

Pokémon Go Hacks for Lazy People

Are you really lazy but want to do well with Pokémon Go? Then these five hacks are for you. You may have heard about a few of these, like using a fan to get distance and hatch eggs, but others are a little more complicated. Like faking your GPS transmission or spoofing your GPS.

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  • New Update Makes Playing While Driving Harder

New Update Makes Playing While Driving Harder

While it should never be done, we all know that it has happened. Maybe a lot. People drive their vehicle and don’t want to miss Pokémon, so they play while driving. That is about to change.

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  • Eight Pokémon Go Hacks

Eight Pokémon Go Hacks

These are probably geared more towards intermediate players, but some are still pretty good. Eight different ways to get more Pokémon including using Yelp, Lures, Ingress, Incense, and groups of people. The idea of using Ingress may have some good merit.

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  • Trading, Customized Pokéstops, More Pokémon Coming

Trading, Customized Pokéstops, More Pokémon Coming

Pokémon Go will soon offer the ability to trade Pokémon, customize PokéStops, and gather additional Pokémon from later generations. Probably the highlight is the PokéStops that would give alternate items that could potentially change the Stops in various ways. For example, turning a PokéStop into a healing location, or lures that attract specific types of Pokémon.

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