• Pokédex Battery Backup Built with 3D Printer

Pokédex Battery Backup

We’ve all been there. You’re chasing that elusive Pokémon you have coveted, and you’re about to fling your first Pokéball. Black screen! Anger flares. With Pokémon being so battery-intensive, sales of backup battery packs have skyrocketed, and this is one of the most unique.

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  • Pokéball Battery Charger in Shape of Pokeball

Pokéball Battery Charger

Another boring battery charger for your phone? Not this time. This charger has some pizzaz because it looks exactly like a Pokéball, and can even be attached to your belt like the trainers of old. There is a hefty 5300 mAh battery that should charge most smartphones more than once.

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  • Pokemon Go PokeDrone - Fly to Get Distance

Pokemon Go Pokedrone

Yes there is a drone specifically designed for Pokemon Go! TRNDlabs has designed a drone that can capture Pokemon where you may not have been able to before, at least not safely. The small device even has auto take-off and land capabilities to make your life easier.

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